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    Start time is all based on if all the materials needed are received. The faster we get what we need the faster we can get going. We usually can get started the same or next business day all materials are received.

    Based on the nature of these services we do not offer refunds on delivered services. If we fail to kick off your service for reasons we cannot control we will return your  funds in that scenario.

    Depending on the service you could see action in a few days. Other more complex services that involve a lot of moving parts and engagement with others out side the company will take longer as we need to arrange follow ups and reminders then compile data and compose reports after a set period of time to showcase the gathered results. These more complex services can take approx 1 – 4 months depending to execute the service correctly.

    We highly recommend you contact us first to discuss things. We will provide you a list of items will need and we recommend you gather up to the best of your abilities before we start. If you have a release coming up its best to be prepared ahead of time as it will have more of an effect on results. We can breath life into songs already released but its not as effective as it could have been prior as movers and shakers like to hear and get exclusive material before anyone else.